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How To Make Proper Utilization Of Picture Hangers?

To hang the standard or small pictures on the walls, most e composed of twisted metal plate which has loop on one end and hook on another. Under perfect hanging conditions, hooks are known to be rated for comparative weight of framed thing. From small to large, these hoops are available in different sizes. To hang hook, you need to consider the type of hall and the type of hook to hang a particular object.

Consider the Weight of Your Pictures

With standard or small pictures, it seems less important, especially in case when item weighs below 10 pounds. For larger or heavy pictures, it is lots more important. You can use bathroom scale to measure the weight of heavy picture. Step on your scale and hold the object. Record your weight. Step on your scale without holding that object. The difference between both measurements is the picture’s weight.

Select the Hanger with Higher Capacity than Your Picture’s Weight

You may use two of the picture hooks recommended for larger and heavier pictures. Spread the hooks aside by 1/3rd the picture’s width. This will categorize the weight over two hooks in place of one and you can secure your picture.

Go for Nickel-Plated Hooks

Always choose nickel-plated picture hooks that can work on drywall. Try to use two or three nails if the hook has enough space. Extra nails can provide added support to hold heavier paintings.

Go for Brass Hooks for Hanging on Plaster Walls

When it comes to hang pictures to plaster walls, go for brass hooks for pictures. They are less likely to cause cracks in plaster while nailing.

Press Picture hook to the wall flat and drive the nail of correct size along the loop and get it down into the plaster or drywall at the angle of nail. It will definitely enter the wall at a certain angle. Make sure to choose the hangers which have newer cleat for very heavy picture or art hangs or flush hang. Make sure to get better security with nailing hangers into studs. Install some form of art and pictures with silicone bumpers or small rubber to lift the piece of art off the surface of wall.

When it comes to hang the picture, make sure to choose the correct hanger to do the job. This way, you can avoid damage to other surfaces and walls as well as the artwork too. You can choose from different types of photo hangers for tile, drywall, glass and other surfaces. You can easily buy them at the local home improvement or hardware store. The picture hangers come in different sizes. You can choose the one according to your needs.